There are a few steps to follow to downgrade a newer version of WordPress to an old version.

Step 01

Log in to your WordPress admin panel by using wp-admin.

Step 02

Mouse over on ‘Plugins’

Step 03

Then click on ‘Add New’

Step 04

Search for the plugin ‘Wp Downgrade’

Step 05

Click on install and activate the plugin

Step 06

Then mouse over on ‘Settings’ and click on it.

Step 07

Then you can see the target version of WordPress as the version currently installed

Step 08

In the WordPress Target Version field, enter the release you want to downgrade to.

Step 09

Then click on ‘Save Changes’

Step 10

Then you can see the active version of WordPress version

Step 11

Then mouse over on ‘Update Core’ and click on it.

Step 12

If anything goes wrong ‘Re-Install’ the version.

Step 13

That’s all. You can see the downgraded version is the current version of WordPress now.

Thank you.


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